Anita Sawyer, PhD

Anita York Sawyer

Anita Sawyer is an experienced biomaterial/ biocompatibility scientist with 30 years of experience in R&D and the management of biocompatibility testing and their relevant standards. She holds a BS in Microbiology and MS in Biology with PhD studies in Toxicology and Pathology. Her initial research focus was the development of in-vitro test methods to-evaluate the thrombogenicity of cardiovascular materials, which led to a successful in-vitro hemocompatibility material screening program. Additional R&D projects included the development of antithrombotic, anti-adhesive, anti-infective and anti-restenotic coatings for intravascular catheters and stents. Anita has managed the biocompatibility testing programs for three medical device companies, including BD and Cordis, a J&J Company. As an active member of ISO TC 194, Biological Evaluation of Medical Devices, since 1990, she is presently Convener of ISO TC/ 194 Working Group 12 (Sample Preparation and Reference Materials), US Co-Chair for Working Groups 1 (Evaluation and Testing) and WG 9 (Effects on Blood); and a Technical Expert for seven other ISO TC/194 Working Groups. She is author of two ASTM in-vitro hemocompatibility test methods and is Sub-Committee Chair for ASTM F04.16, Biocompatibility of Materials. She is also a member of the USP Biocompatibility of Materials Expert Panel.