President & Founder

  • Chiara Lorenzetto Affiliate Consultants

    Chiara Lorenzetto

    Chiara Lorenzetto works with CardioMed Device Consultants as an affiliate consultant and brings almost 20-year experience in new medical device and pharmaceutical product development.

  • David Lin, PhD Principal Consultants

    David Lin, PhD

    Dr. David Lin has over 27 years of pharmaceutical regulatory experience in the technical, quality and regulatory requirements for chemical (synthetic molecule), botanical and biopharmaceutical (biotechnological and biological) product development

  • Anita Sawyer, PhD Affiliate Consultants

    Anita Sawyer, PhD

    Anita York Sawyer is an experienced biomaterial/ biocompatibility scientist with 30 years of experience in R&D and the management of biocompatibility testing and their relevant standards

  • Lynn Bailey Principal Consultants

    Lynn Bailey

    Lynn is a consultant at CardioMed Device Consultants. She is a well-recognized consultant in the area of preclinical cardiovascular and vascular device studies. Lynn holds a degree in...