David Lin, PhD

Dr. David Lin

Dr. David Lin works with CardioMed Device Consultants as an affiliate consultant. He has over 27 years of pharmaceutical regulatory experience in the technical, quality and regulatory requirements for chemical (synthetic molecule), botanical and biopharmaceutical (biotechnological and biological) product development. He currently provides regulatory and technical assistance to biotech and pharmaceutical companies that is planning to conduct clinical studies and to obtain approval for the marketing of prescription products (drugs and biologics) in the United States. Dr. Lin received his Ph.D. in organic chemistry in the area of protein chemistry in 1989 and a M.B.A. in 2002. His regulatory product development expertise was developed at Biologics Consulting Group as a senior consultant and at FDA while working as a CMC reviewer, CMC Team Leader, acting Deputy Division Director, and acting Division Director in the Office of New Drug Chemistry in the Center for Drug Evaluation and Research (CDER). He has review experience in numerous therapeutic areas. In addition to his review and management duties, Dr. Lin was involved in the development of FDA guidances and good review practices.